Ego Work is about getting dependent on yourself; to find your own strength and truth and live a positive life.

What is Ego work? Ego work is purifying ourselves from insecurities that cause stress. The ego is the insecure part in us. When you are able to let go of this you become a more natural, more pure and more powerful person. The ego is a protective mechanism that hinders us from experiencing love. Ego work is consciously learning how to let go of it. After all, everyone is unique and talented.

With Ego work you will get a clear perspective of yourself and a positive drive to learn more about this helping you develop into the person you really are. It will stabilize your life and solve many problems.

The more we purify ourselves, the more love we will feel, the stronger we will become.

EGO Work & EGO Training

Ego Work , letting go of insecurity and stress

EGO Training

This training is for everybody who likes to work with themselves and for those that are ready to confront the parts within us that are doing us harm. When you lose these parts of your Ego you will become more clear on issues that cause unnatural behavior. 

Allowing us to feel more love, self acceptance, less fear and a better flow in life. The Ego is based on fear to get what it wants. This makes us behave unnaturally 

The Ego Training includes 10 lessons of 1.5 hour.

Online Therapy

Therapy talks through Skype. This is a beautiful way of receiving help and not having to travel. I do therapy talks to track down problems which have blocked the client in his or her life. The client can be totally blind as to the root of returning unhealthy patterns.

In our youth we can go through many things that cause deep insecurities or conflicts about who we are or who we want to be.

The therapy will help you get back to your true self.

Online Therapy sessions are 1.5 hour.

Ortho Energetic Body Treatments

This is the best massage treatment for people under a lot of stress.

Ortho Energetic Body treatments is a massage treatment that removes blockages from the body. It is used extensively to release chronic tension patterns in muscles as well as removing toxins. This is the best massage treatment for people under a lot of stress. The body treatment will be tailored to the clients needs.

The body can collect stress through all kinds of situations in your daily life. If this stays to long it can cause deeper problems. Through a special technique of deep massage from head to toe blockages in the body caused by negative energies are released.

After a treatment you will feel lighter, stronger and more positive.

The first appointment takes 2 hours and includes an intake pinpointing your specific needs.

Ortho Energetic Massage training

Learn how to treat the body with Ortho Energetic Massage

If you also feel a drive to help others and start up your own practice this is something for you!

In this training you will learn how to treat the body. You will learn a lot about the body and where blockages can be stored. The training always starts with a deep meditation to relax you own body before you start. You will learn the right massage techniques .

In this training respect and integrity for the client and their body is held very high. The training will be in small groups.

This course is 10 lessons of 4 hours each.

About Me

I started the Ortho Energetic Massage training myself and this helped me on many levels in my life. I never experienced something like this before. I was totally burned out . I had a huge crash in my life and thought I would never get over it. But I did and I came out of it stronger than ever before.

This gave me the enormous drive to give back and help other people. I made it my profession and I have been a full time body therapist for 7 years. I have a work practice in both Holland and Sweden. I feel passion for my work and a deep urge to help people in need.

For more information don’t hesitate to contact me via email or phone . I will be happy to listen to whatever it is that you might need.


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